Dhokra Art : The name Dhokra is derived from the Dhokra Damar tribes, who are the traditional
metalsmiths of West Bengal, Odisha and Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. The tribe extends from West
Bengal to Orissa and members are distant cousins of the Chhattisgarh Dhokras. Dhokra art is
non–ferrous metal casting using the lost-wax casting technique. This metal casting technique has been
used in India for over 4,000 years.
There are two main processes of lost wax casting: solid casting and hollow casting.
In solid casting entire mould is made up of wax without any clay stuffing inside.
in hollow casting, the core is made of clay with outer layer of thin wax.
Dhokra art manufacturing process1. The first task in the lost wax hollow casting process consists of developing a clay core which is
roughly the shape of the final cast image
2. The clay core is covered by a layer of wax composed of beeswax. Usually the layer is made from
wax thread.
3. The wax is then shaped and carved in all its finer details of design and decorations.
4. It is then covered with layers of clay, which takes the negative form of the wax on the inside,
thus becoming a mould for the metal that will be poured inside it.
5. Drain ducts are left for the wax, which melts away when the clay is cooked.
6. The wax is then replaced by the molten metal, often using brass scrap as basic raw material.
7. The liquid metal poured in hardens between the core and the inner surface of the mould. The
metal fills the mould and takes the same shape as the wax.
8. The outer layer of clay is then chipped off and the metal icon is polished and finished as desired.
Dhokra art are in great demand in domestic and foreign markets because of primitive simplicity,
enchanting folk motifs and forceful form. Dhokra horses, elephants, peacocks, owls, religious
images, measuring bowls, and lamp caskets etc form the crux of Dhokra art.
Detailed Analysis
Innovation is the key
Putting up facts as it is don’t make much difference as work has already been done in the regard for a
millennia, therefore, innovation is the key to bring about a seance of fresh breadth in to the industry.
However taking inspiration from outside world and evolution also fill in within the same premise. We
have learnt a lot through and therefore when the next item of the same segment is made, is always
We at ArtS Equilibrium have innovated the traditional art into a diverse segment which include angle
statue, wall attire, plus and minus, Obelisk, Duel metal range and so on. In order to keep our self up to
date flavors from Egyptian, Arabic and Cambodian art have also been added.
Customer is an artist
Every human being is an artist therefore involving customer becomes very essential in order to reflect
thought of customer in our creation. Thought can be communicated with us by a sketch or a
photograph. However, customer have technical knowledge can use auto cad or 3dx max design or
We take care to involve customer into model designing, layout, pattern array and up to final
production. This process is lengthy therefore adjustment can easily be made if necessary.
A combination of materials such as metal, leather and wood are used to make a master piece. Its up to
the customer what type of combination they want in final out put.
Packing and delivery
This part is very essential in completing a order, having made a product and not reaching in its original
shape to the customer makes no seance. Therefore we take utmost care to make sure product reach
customer without any damage.
Packing of material is done in safe bag before putting it in to a corrugated box. Thermocol and
newspaper is used to prevent model from vibration.
For regular order consignment is sent through courier service and in case of special order pick up truck
can be sent directly from our work shop.

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